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Silver Arowana;

  1. The silver Arowana is by far the most common and popular in the United States due to its cheap price and small starting size. You must not be fooled, however, for it can grow up to 2 feet in length and easily break through aquarium glass if it becomes startled or angry.


This fish should not be kept with any other smaller fish in the aquarium, it will need to be completely solitary unless with its own kind or other huge fish. Try to keep more than two if you keep a species tank as just having two can become very territorial.

Green & RTG Arowana;

Other variations include the Green Arowana, which is slightly more expensive and then the RTG variety, which is imported from overseas with a microchip.
RTG species are near extinction and so there prices have become astronomical, around $1000-5000 for a single fish. If you are not an experienced hobbyist then don’t even bother. They are the same as any other type of Arowana, it is just they are becoming so rare the price and demand have gone through the roof.

Feeding Arowanas;

  1. Caring Arowana, Arowana’s will need to be fed a composite diet of both meat and vegetables. If just fed fatty, the meaty food’s there will be a build-up of fat above its eye, resulting in the unwanted “drop eye” syndrome which substantially decreases its reselling value. Live foods will be a nice treat for these monsters although they can promote aggression. They are best kept with a small school of Arowana’s but of course, this is most difficult due to the extremely large tank you would need. Try not to turn your Arowana sour and into a bloodthirsty predator by only offering live food as a treat or occasional snack. Crickets and meal-worms are great and whats even better if you are able to breed these separately to have a constant supply of food!